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Office Phone #: 1-917-658-7782
My philosophy is to provide my clients with a personalized, quality and cost effective service. With +20 years of experience in the industry I have placed numerous satisfied clients. In 1992, I won a prestigious award from the Monterey for having rented the most apartments in the building. Furthermore, I have represented private investors and have helped them find first-rate investment condominium properties. I specialize in leasing of office and retail spaces and sales of office condominium and entire buildings. I also specialize in healthcare-related real estate transactions from leasing and sales of medical offices to shared spaces.
A client who recently purchased an apartment with my help:

As a first time home buyer, Paulette Hutterer provided terrific service and represented me in every situation. Navigating as a buyer in a bullish seller's market is not easy and not all Condo's are "great opportunities". Paulette was able to provide guidance and I could not be happier with my purchase. Buying a home is a critical decision and a large investment and working with a professional like Ms. Paulette Hutterer makes all the difference!

Let me quote you a testimonial from an investor:

I volunteered to write this testimonial letter because I am grateful to Paulette Hutterer for the professional, honest and smart real estate services she has given me the last ten years.

I have bought two apartments in Manhattan with Paulette's help. She found the apartments for me,she helped me arrange the financing, she arranged and supervised the minor repairs, clean-up and painting (sometimes even digging in herself with a pair of rubber gloves to make it perfect!) and took great pains to find me great tenants with long-term leases.

When I relocated from New York to Amsterdam, the Netherlands several years ago,I sold my coop (which didn't allow tenants) and I wanted to invest the proceeds in condominiums that I could rent out.

Let's be frank: New York real estate is a jungle. The laws are complex, the market is complicated, buyers and sellers negotiate hard, and most of the agents I met - particularly rental agents - were not doing a serious job for me.

Paulette was the big exception! She operates with keen attention to detail and - most important - high standards of integrity. With Paulette in charge, I have not missed a single month's rental income since I bought either apartment!

Paulette carefully analyzed the market in the various neighborhoods I was considering, told me the pitfalls and advantages of various buildings, gave me a realistic estimation of what I could afford to buy, steered me toward rentable units, connected me to the best sources of financing, did a spread-sheet projection of my rental income and costs, and set me up with an entire package that would suit my needs. She then found the tenants, helped with lease negotiations, and got the whole deal approved by the condo association.

This was a massive job. I could never have done this without her! I live 4,000 miles away, in Europe, and even if I lived in New York quite frankly I doubt that I could have managed it.

The only serious mistake I've made in New York real estate was in impulsively buying a property once WITHOUT Paulette's help.

The two apartments she sold me have risen nicely in value (one more than doubled in value). Of course, the past is no indication of the future.

Enough said. If you buy in New York, use Paulette. You won't be sorry.

Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.

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